It’s 88 and sunny, but I am doing an afternoon stream of games with friends just cause I miss you all. Hopefully my posts don’t feel too much like commercials.. I just like inviting new people to experience the fun and community we have on Twitch. It really is a great way to still feel connected with good people. So please consider finally figuring out what this Twitch thing is all about. Show up on and either myself or one of my moderators will help you get the gist of what twitch is all about. Come be a marble in a crazy game where you race the other viewers. #twitchisfun #twitchaffiliate #streaminginjustafew #briannahmightshowuptoo #andsheiscool #transvengers #lgbt #marblesonstream #fuschiagirl #fuschiahighlights #curlyhair #curlyblondebobcut