I am just checking in real quick.. having a busy couple of days here with my kids. Thanks to work, homeschool, finally visiting all of the libraries in town(there are several to choose from), cooking, laundry, watching movies together or playing computer games.. basically just our usual weekday stuff.

I so love having them here.

I want to still write up how the rest of my Birmingham trip went but I need to find the time. Look for it sometime this week.

I also have some upcoming plans for this weekend that could be very interesting. Perhaps more to come on that later too.

Oh, and I was driving to the library tonight with my daughter in the front seat and my son in the back. It was rush hour and we were at a dead stop. I happened to look to my left at the cars stopped going the other direction and there was a guy who was looking over at me (no mistaking it.. right at me). My sudden turn caught him off guard and literally his whole body moved while he broke into a cheesy smile. I could not help but return a quick smile because his reaction was kind of comical. My daughter laughed out loud and said “oh my gosh did you see that guy?!” I told her.. “yes, shut up!” (not in a mean way, but a playful .. ‘hey no teasing me’ way) Then I said, “that is happening more and more lately.” She commented about how funny the guy’s reaction was. Then she said “he was oooolllld!” For some reason I defended him saying he was probably only in his 40s.

He was not bad looking tbh and he was driving a nice car. He had almost a Tony Stark type look to him. Traffic moved again in both directions right after that so “oh well.. bye Tony!”