I have noticed in some comments and even mentions in posts on Insta from other people that there may be questions as to how we all were included in this trip. Let’s talk about how this group formed and what the transvengers hashtag that Mika made so popular is all about. 
We’re like any other group of friends that came together organically. I can only tell you from my perspective as to how the group unfolded. I interacted with @suddenlysamantha and @mikaelaville first. We connected over the fact that we three are #transparents. In a very short time, we were offering support to one another and also just chatted about things friends chat about. Sam and I became Facebook friends and eventually she also asked to interview me on one of her Instagram Live sessions. Mika and I conversed mostly through Instagram but then were also texting and joking around with each other a lot on other media. Mika often would stop by on my twitch streams and harass me and try to make me blush on camera😊 The other instagrammers in the group (@thecaseyblake and @itsemily247) became friends with either Mika or Sam and again over time got to know each other enough to want to get together. We’re not some exclusive club that was invited to Vegas based on some sort of ranking. We are a group of friends that found connections and support and those connections spilled into further connections until we all now consider each other friends. How else do you think we were comfortable sharing hotel rooms with each other? I for one do not share hotel rooms with strangers. My point is, we became long distance friends over time and wanted to meet each other & the results were great. I consider all of these amazing women close friends now and they know I’ve got their back and I know I can count on them. 
I encourage all of you to start your own groups and once you feel comfortable  and want to meet face to face in some city anywhere on the globe, set it up! Mika has said many times that the #transvengers hashtag is for all trans people, not just transwomen. Have a gathering! Use the hastag for your posts! This is not an exclusive club! Love you all! Transvengers Assemble! #whosnext #transvengersassemble

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