I just had an amazing few days filled with friends, fun, and sun. I hope more weekends like this are in my future this summer. I had an amazing night in the city, a quick and fruitful thrift store shopping trip with a friend, a great party hosted by a dear friend, followed by a day of watching the best movie of the year (wonder woman) and then saying goodbye to my favorite show (watched the last two episodes of Sense8 with someone I care deeply about).

Sigh.. It was a wonderful weekend.

However, this past week I received a message from someone who in their mind was trying to call me out for being narcissistic and warn me that I was doing potential damage to my family.

To this person and anyone with this opinion of me I say this.

I am celebrating my life. I am celebrating my transgender identity along with my changing appearance that is growing closer and closer to whom I have always been in my soul, my mind, and my heart. Here I share glimpses of my identity (the images only capture part of it, so I do add words about myself and my experiences). I give no one permission to try change it or alter its evolving course. Those people that love me will stand by me and support me. I do not give any family member permission to hold my identity hostage either. No one should ever have to do that.

This blog is my space, as is my website. I will do with it as I choose. If I want to post 100 superfluous selfies in one day I will. If I want to complain about people who harass others online I will (although I prefer to try to stay positive).

If you do not like what I do then unfollow, block, or ignore me.

To those of you who send me messages of support, reblog my content with kind tag comments, and send me asks with all sorts of encouragement and questions… thank you. I appreciate you too.