Manicure = Stress Relief – Ariana Danielle

Another Back-Filled Post from 10/7/2016 along with this one from 10/8/2016 that you can find on my Tumblr blog if you scroll down far enough…

The timeline on my website is slowly getting back up to date. It has been a lot of fun reviewing where have been over the last year. More to come!


I met an Ewok and an incredibly kind stranger – Ariana Danielle

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August 7, 2016

that I never added to Tumblr, but have posted on my Website. I am working to bring them both more in sync and I am also updating my website with events and milestones that I never marked on my Tumblr blog, so head on over there and check out some of the updates. I am currently back-filling posts from August and September of 2016 and I have many more to post through 2016 and up to right now. 

This event in particular is one that was very uplifting to me. I hope you all enjoy it!